“Resident Evil: Extinction”: Milla, Ashanti and Ali deliver us


A while ago, I blogged about the poster and teaser trailer for Resident Evil: Extinction. I just watched the full theatrical trailer, and I have to say, this movie might kick zombie butt. Rather, Milla Jovovich might (let’s just say “will”):

Having sweated through all of the Resident Evil video games, I’ll admit I’m compelled by the idea of a biochemical weapon that turns people into zombies. The whole military-industrial complex angle always fascinated me. It seems particularly timely now, but maybe I’m just paranoid.

Anyway, never mind the social commentary: Look at all those zombies!

And Ashanti and Ali Larter can rescue me any day:

Watch the trailer in HD if you want the full effect, or watch it here for the quick fix:



“Gas. Food. Ammo. You know the drill.”

Resident Evil: Extinction premieres Sept. 21.