Katherine Heigl produces her own new practice


Since 2005, we’ve watched Katherine Heigl succeed and fall apart in equal

measure as Dr. Isobel “Izzie” Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy. Before that, she ran around

New Mexico in Roswell from 1999–2002. We’ve also seen her on

the big screen this summer, in the comedy hit Knocked

. We’ll see her again this winter in the romantic comedy

27 Dresses. Now, our dear Izzie is adding

another notch to her belt: film


Actually, she’s held an executive producer credit before, in 2005’s

Side Effects. She also starred in that one, which is the

plan again. The difference this time is that she and her manager

mother, Nancy Heigl, have actually set up shop as a

production company. All parties involved are mum on the plot details, but they are saying it will be an action comedy vehicle written for


When I think action comedy, I think about films like Lethal

, Romancing the Stone, Mr. & Mrs. Smith

and Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen.

And according to Wikipedia, I’m pretty close. It defines an action

comedy as a “mixture of action and comedy usually based on mismatched

partners (the standard “buddy film” formula) or unlikely setting. The

action comedy subgenre was revitalized with the popularity of the

Lethal Weapon series of movies in the 1980s and 1990s.

Bad Boys and Rush Hour serve as other examples.”

Translation: boys and their toys and things that go bang, with some

jokes thrown in for good measure. Obviously, the girls do get to play

on occasion — think Rosie O’Donnell in Another

— but we’re usually the sidekick or the romantic plot

device. Rarely do we manage to hold our own, much less kick a little

tail. Angelina Jolie is the exception rather than

the rule.

The question then becomes, "What will Ms. Heigl produce?"

Izzie as an action star makes me all tingly inside. With the plot

being kept all hush-hush, I think it is only fair that we offer a few

choice suggestions. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

1. Cagney & Lacey

Look, she can play Cagney and she can play Lacey! With all the TV

shows that have managed to find their way to the big screen, am I the

only one who would love to see an updated version of my first real


2. V.I. Warshawski

I’m likely one of the few who really enjoyed this movie. I know

I’m one of the few who actually saw it in the theater. I can’t help

myself. I get sucked in by Kathleen Turner‘s sexy

voice. Now imagine Heigl embodying the smart-aleck private eye. What

can I say? I’m a sucker. I’d go watch Warshawski again.

3. Kate Delafield

Yes, Heigl might be a little young to re-create the former Marine

and veteran from Katherine V. Forrest‘s books, but wouldn’t it be fun to

see her try?

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