TV alert: Sedgwick and Poundstone stay up late


Tonight on The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson welcomes Kyra Sedgwick and Paula Poundstone. Yes, that’s two of my faves on the same talk show! Pinch me.

Speaking of dreams versus reality, in my own little world, I call Kyra Sedgwick “Kedgwick.” I think it sounds like a British manor I’d like to visit. And I call Paula Poundstone “hilarious.” But that’s not very original.

Anyway, Sedgwick will no doubt be discussing The Closer, and Poundstone will probably talk about the syndicated Jury Duty, which debuts in September. On that show, celebrities will serve as jury members. I’m betting Poundstone will have to endure some sarcastic comments. Other jurors slated for service include Phyllis Diller, Tiffany, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Charlene Tilton and Lee Meriwether. Whoa. Charlene Tilton?!

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