“The Good Wife” recap (5.9): Whack-a-Mole


Last week on The Good Wife we saw Florrick Agos finally starting to settle into themselves, finding offices and actually doing some law work. This week continues the trend, as Alicia takes a call from an old client, Zayeed, who has been targeted in a jihadist bombing scheme a la the Reddit conspiracies after the Boston Marathon.

Lockhart Gardner, meanwhile, apparently continues to prosper, while taking the route more and more of doing whatever it can to make a buck, with Will firmly at the helm. While a rift between Will and Diane begins to take root, the David v. Goliath nature of Lockhart Gardner and Florrick Agos really starts to make itself clear with this episode. And maybe it’s just me, but it’s hard at this point to not fully be on the Florrick Agos train.

Will’s reign is made clear at the beginning of the episode, as LG begins the process of hiring new associates. While three intelligent, strong women sit in a room going through possibilities, it’s Will that all decisions appear to be deferred to, as he dismisses or approves choices according to his own random whims, without caring much about any of the women’s opinions, and with little protest from any of them. I know Kalinda has always stayed away from making active decisions for the firm because it’s not her role, but what happened to the beautiful, defiant Diane Lockhart of earlier this season?


Naturally, the one lawyer that Will decides he wants is the one that the women are all leary of–an Irishman by the name of Damian Boyle, a dude who has laid low in the Chicago lawyerly world while representing All the Bad Guys, but who is now interested in having a more permanent base to work from. Will checks him out in court, likes his swagger, and then follows him to a bar and buys him a beer, making an offer without consulting any of the partners. Shockingly, this pisses them off, particularly David Lee, and here’s the thing about David Lee: when he’s wrong in his brutish disdain, he just appears vile, but when you agree with his anger, you are suddenly with him all. the. way. Diane does confront Will about his totalitarianism, but he’s just like, “Psssh, democracy is boring and time consuming, who needs it.”

So Damian Boyle ends up strutting around the Lockhart Gardner offices, and as he does, I know immediately and absolutely that I can’t stand him. I am suffering from déjà vu of Kalinda’s horrible husband. He spends his first ten minutes flirting with a pretty woman in the office, bossily ordering strangers around, and then going to Florrick Agos headquarters while the team is out, snooping around their files and then stealing all their furniture. You know, just for some extra flare.

5goodwife9screencap2I mean, this is highly illegal, right?

5goodwife9screencap3But they just like, order new furniture?

This snooping leads Damian to discover the Zayeed case, where Alicia and Cary are trying to bring Reddit–here called the site “Scabbit”–to trial, first to take down the posts that declare Zayeed a terrorist, and then when that doesn’t work because of the finicky nature of the Internet, for defamation after Zayeed loses his job because of it. While Scabbit doesn’t show up in court at first, presumably because they are too busy being Scabbity, after Damian raides Alicia’s desk, guess who waltzes in? Damian and Will, representing Scabbit. Oh joy.

And guess what Damian is wearing on his lapel, aside from his incredible, sleazy ego? The “#1 Mom” pin that he had just yoinked from Alicia’s desk. Bold move, that. Damian is smirky and full of faux innocence when she confronts him. I’ll whack-a-mole your FACE, Irish bro.

Alicia asks Will if this is what they’re reduced to now, high school pranks. He responds, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” And this is all certainly adding fuel to the fire for the Willicia shippers out there, but my overall feeling is simply, oh, for goodness sakes. Grow up, Will.

Just thinking about this new duo of horribleness in the Will and Damian show is giving me hives, so let’s move on to better parts of this episode, such as the fact that it forced Alicia and Robyn to go out on the beat together, which I very much enjoyed. I mean, it’s no Robyn and Kalinda combo of superpowers, but still, I’ll take it.

5goodwife9screencap4 Ay ay, captain.

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