Martha on the cover of “Wired”: It’s a geek thing.


Martha, Martha, Martha. After years of intimidating me with your domestic brilliance, you have become a cover girl I can relate to.

Martha Stewart. On the cover of Wired. I can hardly stand it.

Stewart headlines the pub’s 2007 How To issue with an interview that reveals her love for all things technical. With, of course, her typical practicality. Take, for instance, her response to the question of how to minimize cords and wires in a home music system.

“The solution is easy. Put an iPod in each room, like in a drawer. Add wireless speakers and the sound system disappears into the room. It’s so simple and you don’t have to buy all that crap. You know how many years of crap I had?”

Martha Stewart said “crap.” Twice. Heh.

Of course, her tips are most useful if you happen to have your own media empire. Her simple idea for keeping her gadgets charged is a room she calls the “servery,” with marble counters and lots of plugs. Since Stewart made geek news at last year’s “D: All Things Digital” conference when she confronted Sony CEO Howard Stringer — at an open mike no less — about the number of chargers she needed for all her electronic gear, I’m glad to know she’s found a way to cope.

Hey, Martha, I have a servery, too. It’s called a power strip.

The August Wired also contains directions for a Wii cake like the one on the cover. I doubt Ms. Stewart had anything to do with the recipe, since the cake is inedible. But don’t despair. Your wish for game-shaped dessert is hereby granted.

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