Caterina Scorsone no longer “Missing”


After a traumatic day of bra shopping Saturday, I flipped through the channels looking for women kicking ass. (If the logic of that sentence isn’t clear, you haven’t shopped for bras lately.) I came across a rerun of Missing (aka 1-800-MISSING), a Lifetime show with Vivica A. Fox and Caterina Scorsone.

The show was canceled last year, and while Fox has not strayed far from the public eye, Scorsone has no upcoming projects listed at IMDb. Never one to be deterred in the pursuit of a hot woman, I finally found a link to a recent interview on, where she was a guest on Merrill Davis’ show Merrillwood. Scorsone is smart, funny, engaging and, yes, hot.

The banter between Scorsone and Davis proves that straight women enjoy flirting with each other as much as lesbians do. Scorsone’s bit starts about 6 minutes in.

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