Mary-Louise Parker “Weeds” the garden of Eden


Oh, those deliciously cheeky monkeys over at Showtime. As if we needed more convincing of the network’s sexy genius (it gave us The L Word, after all, and therefore Leisha Hailey and Jennifer Beals and Sarah Shahi, oh my!), now they’ve gone and one-upped their own brilliance. Just how brilliant? Well, look. (See the full monty after the jump. It is so worth the click. Trust me.)

Mary-Louise Parker. As Eve. Naked. With a snake. If that doesn’t make you want to watch the upcoming third season of Weeds, nothing will. Sure, I could do without the snake, and not just for ophidiophobic reasons. Ahem. (Since I have my very own copy, I can tell you that it’s even better in person. Ahem, again.)

The show returns August 13, but you can catch the premiere episode online now at its official website. (You’ll need to sign up to become a Showtime VIP Insider, but you already did that for TLW, right?) Season two ended on a cliffhanger and the new episodes promise more highs — oh, you knew that pun was coming — and lows for Mary-Louise’s Nancy and friends.

Already, some casting news has caused a bit of a splash. Mary-Kate Olsen will has come on board for 10 episodes as

Tara, the new love interest for Nancy’s eldest son Silas. Also appearing will be Matthew Modine (as a land developer of a new Christian community), Zooey Deschanel (returning as Nancy’s brother’s girlfriend) and Carrie Fisher (as the divorce attorney for Elizabeth Perkins’ character Celia).

I’m not sure how I feel about Mary-Kate joining the cast. First of all, don’t ask me to tell her apart from her twin Ashley. I have no idea. Also, I had kind of forgotten that she actually acted instead of just walking around in black leggings, loose tops and ridiculous shoes while seeming in dire need of a cheeseburger. But any show that gives us both Mary-Louise and Elizabeth has to know what it’s doing in the casting department, so I will trust but verify on this one.

Which, from the looks on their faces, is what the ladies will be doing, too:

Other (non-spoilery) news from the new season is that once again, a different artist will sing the show’s theme of “Little Boxes” each episode. Those belting out the quirky little number include Joan Baez, the Shins, Randy Newman, Angelique Kidjo and Billy Bob Thornton. And in slightly more spoilery news, in the new season you can also look forward to scenes like the one captured below. See what I was saying about sexy genius?

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