Harley Davidson wants you to ride


I’m not sure how this one should be filed. I suppose it could be filed under “D’oh, what took so long?!” or under “Lesbians knew of this joy ages ago, thank you very much” or under “Hey, that’s a great business marketing plan, guys!” or even under “Why are you telling me this? That’s too dangerous!” Anyway, here’s the thing to file: Harley Davidson is actively trying to woo female bikers to ride a slice of 750 pounds of pure H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) heaven.

Women are definitely buying more motorcycles, and more websites are popping up with women riders in mind. I’m not much of a motorcycle enthusiast myself, but there is something very hot, I mean impressive, about seeing a woman handling all that power and speed in such a devil-may-care way. Hearing a motorcycle throttle up could make a jet engine proud and a girl’s heart go a-flutter.

Several Harley models appeal to women, but the company insists that its bikes are not gender specific. The muscle and horsepower and performance of the bikes are still 100 percent Harley, and the company does not have men’s bikes or women’s bikes — just bikes. But Harley has made some changes, according to the article:

“…they are producing more motorcycles that are low to the ground so women can plant their feet firmly at rest with narrower seats and softer clutches, and adjusting handlebars and windshields to make bikes more comfortable for smaller riders.”

So if Harleys have in the past felt too big and menacing for your inner “wild child,” or if you have ever daydreamed of leading a parade in June, maybe now is the time to dream that Harley Davidson dream.

Of course, if you are thinking of buying a motorcycle, I would suggest that after going to the safety classes and the classes that teach you how to truly handle the bike in real driving conditions, you should visit The Bikers Dictionary. You want to be up to speed, so to speak, on biker lingo, because looking cool is only half the battle. Sounding cool will give you street cred!

So come on, ladies. All of you habitual cagers out there, free your minds. Hop on that bike, throw on a skid lid and a pair of crushers. Then get yourself a back warmer and start flogging it on the super slab! Don’t worry about the cherry tops tossing a coupon or two your way. Heck, if you’re really doing it right, maybe you’ll get a fast rider award! That’s the price you pay for open road freedom.