Hilary Swank to fight again


It’s not just 13-year-old kids who get themselves into trouble on MySpace. When director Jon Favreau thanked Caesars in Las Vegas for “for their hospitality, generosity, and Swank accomodations” after an Iron Man shoot, that capital S in “Swank” fueled speculations that Hilary Swank would appear in the film. This week, producer Avi Arad was shocked into admitting Swank will make an Iron Man “cameo” (along with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, if you’re a comic fan who cares).

The bigger news: a drop-in role in Iron Man has everybody speculating that Swank (and Jackson) may be earning superhero creds now for a bigger starring role in some future Marvel franchise. She certainly can beef up enough to be convincing:

No word yet on who she might play, though I’m guessing the Black Widow or Sharon Carter since both have ties to Nick Fury.

I’m a little worried, though, because I like female-led superhero movies. And I may be one of the few people on the planet to dislike nearly everything Swank has ever been in. (It’s nothing personal — she’s fabulously talented, and of course I admire her work in Boys Don’t Cry. I just prefer movies that don’t quite leave me feeling like slitting my wrists.)

My girlfriend and I just had this conversation.

GF: Come on, you can’t hate everything. Boys Don’t Cry?

Me: Too sad.

GF: Million Dollar Baby.

Me: See last answer. Maybe some people like crying in public. Not me.

GF: The Black Dahlia.

Me: Somehow I saw this with my mother. I missed that scene with k.d. lang because I was too busy sliding under my seat.

GF: Freedom Writers. How can you hate a feel-good story like Freedom Writers?

Me: Dangerous Minds without Michelle Pfieffer. See?

GF: Beverly Hills, 90210.

Me: Was she in that?

GF: Iron Jawed Angels.

Me: Oh. Well, maybe I liked one.

Then again, Swank does look good in a robe.

What do you think?

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