Gay men’s hottest men, and the women they remind me of


Our brother site has just released the first annual Hot 100 List — which features the hottest men as chosen by thousands of gay and bisexual men — and the guy who topped the list? The same one who topped Malinda’s list of top ten lesbian-ish men: Jake Gyllenhaal.

In fact, everyone on Malinda’s list but John Cusack made’s list, which makes me wonder if maybe lesbians and gay men aren’t that different after all. (Although, no John Cusack? That’s a crime!)

But I have to confess, I don’t even know who some of the guys on their list are. Like Chris Evans (No. 2), who is apparently in the Fantastic Four movies, which I’ve never seen. I considered seeing them briefly, for Jessica Alba, but I prefer her with dark hair. A blonde Jessica Alba just doesn’t work for me — I like my Alba a little edgier. Although she is bringing on the fierce here:


But back to hot men I don’t know: No. 23 on their list is Channing Tatum. Um, any relation to Tatum O’Neal? Speaking of Tatum, it appears she has reconciled with former step-mother Farrah Fawcett, according to a new interview with Access Hollywood. Is it just me, or does doing a TV interview about how she’s praying for Farrah (who has cancer) seem a little exploitive? And while Tatum looked good in Rescue Me, I really didn’t like her character. Not that I really like any of the characters on that show anymore.

Where was I? Oh yes: No. 95 Sufjan Stevens? No clue. I do like Cynthia Stevenson on Men in Trees, though. She makes a fun curmudgeonly cop.

Cynthia was great in Live Nude Girls, too, a fun, little-known 1995 film co-starring Kim Catrall, Dana Delany, and Olivia D’Abo as a lesbian. In a rather amusing scene, Cynthia’s straight-laced character gets drunk and kisses Olivia by the pool.

Clearly I’m not only not an expert on hot guys, I can’t even stay focused on them long enough to write more than a sentence about them. But a lot of the non-lesbian/bi people who read our list didn’t have a clue who Leisha Hailey was, so I don’t feel too bad.

Test your knowledge of the hot guys here, and let us know how you fare!

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