A “Sneaky Sound” distraction


It’s Deathly Hallows’ eve, and thus far I’ve managed to avoid the spoilers, and the musings on the spoilers, and The New York Times, which reviewed the book before it’s officially on sale. (I’d be pissed, too, J.K. Rowling — and don’t worry, no spoilers in my link.)

Resisting temptation is hard, though, so I’m looking for distractions. Here’s one, Connie Mitchell of Sneaky Sound System, an Australian group whose star is rising.

Hang on. That’s a pretty picture, but it doesn’t capture her playfulness. Here’s one with her two bandmates.

Still not convinced? How about this?

That’s from the video for their tune “I Love It,” which features some of my favorite things — girls in white undies with long lovely legs, some crazy dancing, ’80s-ish retro (yet sleekly modern) techno, and Miss Connie’s magnificent hair.

She’s even more entrancing live, as you can see from their performance of “UFO” at the AMVA awards:

Between their highly danceable music, Connie Mitchell, and any name that includes the word “sneaky,” I’m in.

Here are a few fun bits from an interview with Who.com:

Question: Is it strange being in a band with all guys, does it bother you?

Connie: It doesn’t bother me because I’m a bit of a tomboy, I didn’t know about makeup until the start of the year.

Question: Connie, can you tell me what it was like working with Kanye West?

Connie: It was amazing (she squeals). I had to kind of learn to speak the lingo. They talk like ‘Yeah, what’s up y’all’ and I was like ‘oh yeah, right’.

Any other good distractions for today?

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