Simpsonize yourself (or anyone else)


Have you ever wondered what you’d look like as a Simpsons character? Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrity would look like as a Simpsons character? Have you ever been bored at work? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, consider today your lucky day. The clever marketers for The Simpsons Movie have created “Simpsonize Me,” a site where you can transform yourself (or anyone else) into a cartoon denizen of Springfield. I tried my hand at a few famous faces:

All you need is a 640×480 color image, patience and a lenient work environment, and you too could be playing sax with Lisa or skateboarding with Bart. Well, figuratively. The site allows you to customize your facial features, hairstyle, body type and accessories.


clothing options for the women are a tad limited (the guys’ choices are more varied), but you have to appreciate any program that allows you to add both tattoos and scars at will. Once you get started, it’s surprisingly addictive.

Of course, I realize this is “merely a genius marketing ploy,” as the site’s own disclaimer confesses. But it’s Tuesday. You survived Monday and the weekend is still way too far away. So, have at it. Post your Simpsonized selves in the comments. Or pick the visage of some star you’d like to see get the full “D’oh!” treatment. They let you draw mustaches on faces and there are plenty of shots of Elisabeth Hasselbeck floating around. That’s all I’m saying …

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