The “X-Files” movie is finally out there


That long-rumored The X-Files movie is a go. At the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday, David Duchovny (who played believer extraordinaire Fox Mulder) confirmed the film is in the works. Can I just say, called it!

That’s right, back in April costar Gillian Anderson (who played queen of the skeptics Dana Scully) dropped some syntax-related hints in a blog post on her official site. (Cunning use of present tense, Gillian. Cunning.) Not too many people paid attention then. But now David has revealed more directly that both he and Gillian are

definitely on board, with series creator Chris Carter writing and directing:

“I'm actually supposed to see (a script) next week! Before I would just say that (there was a movie) because they told me, but now, after talking to Chris — he's been giving me progress reports — and he actually called yesterday, and said 'Next week, you should have something to read.”

IGN has a few more details about the planned sequel. Filming could begin in November with a release tentatively slated for summer 2008. The film will be a “one-off” or standalone story, instead of part of the larger mythology’s arc.

Does this mean we’re in for a classic monster-of-the-week yarn, à la the classic creepfest that gave me nightmares for a month, “Home”? If

so, it would be an interesting move that would surely disappoint die-hard fans looking for more of the show’s extraterrestrial conspiracy theory. My guess would be that with five years passed since the series ended and nine since the first movie hit the big screen, producers are more intent on reintroducing the franchise than extending its conspiratorial legacy.

So, what do you think now that even more truth will be out there? Are you pulling a Scully scowl right now about the decision to go MOTW instead of mythology? Or are you rejoicing with Mulder’s breathless enthusiasm at the thought of everyone’s favorite duo-in-black coming back for more FBI high jinks?

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