Supergirl to land in “Smallville”


Twenty-two-year-old Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort

will join
Smallville‘s cast as Supergirl, Clark’s

cousin, for the show’s seventh season.

I, for one, think this is a great idea. Smallville

has (mostly) managed to remain interesting (though the Lex/Lana/Clark arc is tired,

tired, tired), but many a TV show I love has faltered as seasons progress. Maybe it’s the actors getting sick of each other.

Maybe it’s the writers struggling to

keep things fresh when so many story lines have played out. But the fact is, so many great shows hit a seventh-inning slump. (Yes, I mean you, Gilmore Girls and Buffy! The seventh season of The X-Files was an exception,

but we all know what happened after that.)

And who better to pinch hit than a pretty new superhero?

If you compare her to the DC Comics Supergirl incarnation, Vandervoot certainly has the looks to please even the most die-hard

comic fans, though I can’t speak to her talents.

Some of you fans of The N may have seen her

in her biggest role to this point, Sadie from Instant Star, and she’s earned her

fantasy/sci-fi creds with short appearances in Goosebumps, The Dresden Files,

and Mutant X. But I’ve managed to miss all of those.


however, reports that Vandervoot has a second degree black belt in karate, which ought to help her kick ass on and off the set.

(Caution – season seven story arc spoilers ahead.) Kara, aka Supergirl, appears in the season

premiere and will play a major role. Born on Krypton, she possesses all of Clark’s powers plus one – the ability to fly. Although the show’s co-creator

credits Vandervoot
herself with "a

combination of beauty, intelligence, a certain warmth, and great

attitude," he promises that her on-screen alter ego won’t be so friendly:

"We’ve wanted a character to

shake things up. She may be Clark Kent’s cousin, but that doesn’t

mean she’s going to be the obedient one!"

I sincerely hope we don’t have angsty temper tantrums on the

way, but that this means we might have a sexy, sassy Supergirl to cause a

little trouble. Unfortunately, more entertaining

trouble like, say, seducing Lois

Lane, will have to wait for fan fiction. Rumor has it that Kara may find romance

with Jimmy Olsen.

At least we can look forward to a super smackdown. Probably maybe.

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