Michelle Rodriguez’s clothing line goes around the world in 80 tank tops


Yesterday was Michelle Rodriguez's 29th birthday. To celebrate, she announced the launch of her new clothing line. Michelle discussed her new endeavor while in Mexico on the show It's Midday in China, which airs across Latin America.

Her plan is to travel to a dozen countries, from China to Brazil, to “study people, social classes, history, culture” for her designs. As she said

during the interview (in Spanish):

“The company that I want to start should be ethnic. I think there is a (growing) awareness and people are opening their eyes about the world and the environment.”

Well, this could explain that tribal mud mask she was spotted wearing earlier this spring — method research. According to Michelle’s official website, the label will be called Ishkadada, a made-up mash-up of the words “ishka” (Sanskrit for “desire”) and “Dada” (the artistic movement, though Michelle seems a little fuzzy on its origins. Uh, World War II? Details, details.). The line will be “personality-driven” and range from couture to casual chic. Some proceeds will benefit animal and

children's charities.

What exactly should we expect from Michelle’s ethnic, worldly and environmental clothing line? The biggest clue is her assertion that it will be “personality driven.” One can only assume that this means it will draw on Michelle’s own personal style. If this is the case, she has given us a clear indication of what is to come.

First, expect leather jackets, or maybe pleather, considering the “environment” and all. But definitely something you could wear while — oh I don’t know — riding your Harley around the world with a girlfriend roommate friend who happens to be female holding on behind you. Even better if she is “ethnic.”

Second, bikinis. Oh, the bikinis. This design also works with the whole “environment” thing because, like, isn’t the Earth

getting hotter or something? All ethnicities will be affected as global warming creates a growing market in the world’s beach/water/swimming-for-your-life attire.

And, finally, tank tops. What could be more universal? Worldly, ethnic, environmental (what? They use less material, which means less innocent cotton-poly blend needs to be sacrificed.). Anyone know what “tank top” is in Sanskrit?

My only concern is that Michelle may let her inner Falcon Crest rear its insanely teased head again with her designs. The amount of Aqua Net needed alone would counteract all the environmental do-goodery from the line’s pleather/bikini/tank top conscientiousness. Remember, she is doing this for the children, after all. Who else feels like singing “We Are the World”?

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