Glenn Close and Rose Byrne collect “Damages”


On basic cable, July is busting out all over. We’ll soon be able to enjoy not just one, but four — four! — shows with strong female leads. The Closer has set the tone, and soon State of Mind (on Lifetime July 15, starring Lili Taylor) and Saving Grace (on TNT July 23, starring Holly Hunter) will join the fray. We’re spoilt for choice.

But guess which new show I’m anticipating most eagerly? That would be Damages, premiering July 24 on FX. Glenn Close plays hot-shot New York litigator Patty Hewes, who, along with her protégé Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne, Marie Antoinette, The Dead Girl, 28 Weeks Later), takes on an allegedly corrupt CEO.

Of her character, Close has this to say:

“She has a marriage with a sexy man, and it’s very unexpected and great. I’m blessed to have this, it’s fun, it’s flexing my creative muscle.”

Uh, yeah. The marriage with the sexy man. Totally the part I’m looking forward to. But I get what she’s saying:

“I think it’s problematic, when a woman leaves her 30s in Hollywood, to get really good parts. The great irony for women is we only get better, but I think we don’t become as clearly sexual objects. That’s just the way it is.”

Better. Sexual. Sold! As if the prospect of Close in her prime weren’t enough, we also get Byrne in her bloom:

Close’s character is ambitious and ruthless — and refreshingly unapologetic — while Byrne’s character is a little naive but just as driven. Maybe the mentor-mentee thing isn’t a new idea in the land of legal thrillers, but how often are both parties female?

And the other characters seem interesting too, even Ted Danson‘s (can’t say I’m a fan). He plays the CEO in question. In all the clips and trailers I’ve seen, Damages looks both fierce and funny. Here’s a preview:



And here’s a closer look at Patty and Ellen:



And a trailer:



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