Beyonce to sing “Aida”?


Have you heard? Huh? Have you? Beyonce … Disney … Sir Elton … Aida… OK, I’m all tapped out. I don’t have any more clues! So let me just tell you. It’s being reported that Beyonce Knowles (as opposed to the various other Beyonces out there) is in talks with Disney to potentially star in the possible big-budget film adaptation of Sir Elton John’s Tony Award–winning Broadway musical that was based on Verdi’s opera Aida.

Did you get all that? Because after I wrote Beyonce, I sort of got confused about the rest of it, myself. Anyway, back to the important part:

I’m not ashamed to admit that if I were to watch Beyonce read the

phone book in pig Latin, I’d find myself smiling and thoroughly entertained. Heck, I’d even sit through Beyonce singing the real arias from Verdi’s Aida. So learning of the possibility of her actually singing some of the gems from the musical has my pulse at jogging rate — you know, if I actually did jog.

A real argument can be made that Disney knows a little something about how to throw a heck of a coming-out screen party for its princesses.

Over the years, the words “princess” and “Disney” have been a match made in heaven. So I have little doubt that “Beyonce, Nubian princess, big budget, Disney film, Elton John, Tim Rice, musical, and Tony Award–winning” — all jumbled up together — will mix into a great big pot o’ entertainment fun!

Here is a quick description of the Elton John-Tim Rice musical:

"Aida is the story of the Nubian princess Aida who is captured by invading Egyptians. Radames, the leader of the Egyptian army, is betrothed to Amneris, the daughter of the Pharaoh. Aida, living as a slave to Princess Amneris, attracts the attention of Radames, who admires her courage, beauty, and resilience."

And if a classic love triangle isn't enough to capture your attention, the music will. If you haven’t heard or aren’t familiar with the music from the Broadway show, I recommend listening to a few samples of the songs. After all, the Aida score won one of the five Tony Awards for the show in 2000. One of the other awards that year went to Heather Headley as Aida.

Though Beyonce may have better name recognition and more star power on film than Ms. Headley, revising an award-winning role for the big screen won’t be an easy walk in the Egyptian desert for her. But if she does ink the deal, you can bet I’ll be watching the movie adaptation of the musical adaptation of Verdi’s opera until the fat lady sings!

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