More “Dead Like Me” news


A couple of months ago, I blogged about the upcoming straight-to-DVD Dead Like Me movie. Today the Pop Candy blog noted that star Ellen Muth (The Truth About Jane) has given us a little more to hope for. Here’s the news, direct from Muth’s MySpace page:

“Just to let all you DLMers out there know that this past week, I have been informed that after this Dead Like Me movie comes out, it may, go back to series. After seeing the movie, you’ll have to be the judge of whether or not you like the new concept. Give it a chance. I know we all hate change but it has been two years since season 2 so there has to be evolution.”

Hooray! But … wait! An evolution? Not just that, but the sort of change we might hate? And not just cast changes, but a new concept?! I thought the whole reaper-verse was pretty well established. When pressed for more, Muth had this to say: “Not allowed to spoil the doilies quite yet.” Her Dead Like Me character George Lass would roll her eyes right about now.

Muth also said she has no idea whether DLM will be on Showtime again or find a home somewhere else. And this is all just a glimmer of an idea; if the DVD movie doesn’t sell well, the series is probably DOA. Or DNR. Yeah, now I’m rolling my eyes too.

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