The Film Crew: Mystery Science Theater 2007


Last week, Malinda blogged about cult TV shows. No. 13 (how fitting) on the list is Mystery Science Theater 3000. I love B movies, and I love snark, so naturally I love MST3K. And I’m glad to hear that its creators are back, this time under the name the Film Crew.

Produced by Shout! Factory, the new line of B-movies-plus-commentary debuts July 10 with The Film Crew: Hollywood After Dark, in which the 1968 stinker starring Rue McClanahan (Blanche on The Golden Girls) gets the royally funny treatment. The second release in the series is The Film Crew: Killers From Space. Bring on the cheesy aliens!

The selection of films was determined by votes on the Film Crew’s website. Visit the site for updates as these veterans of snark unleash their powers on the world of second-rate movies.

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