Reintroducing Brenda Blethyn


I just watched the trailer for the movie Introducing the Dwights, also known as Clubland and starring Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn (Secrets and Lies, Little Voice, Saving Grace). Quirky, offbeat, charming — these words are coming soon to a blurb near you. Hot mic; real hot mic!

I don’t know why I haven’t heard of this film, but I’ll definitely be watching for it now. Some of the ads are comparing it to Muriel’s Wedding, which is one of my faves. That might be aiming a little high, but it looks pretty good nonetheless.

Apparently Blethyn’s character does stand-up comedy, and Blethyn herself co-wrote much of that material. It must be side-splitting, because Warner Independent Pictures snapped up the North American and U.K. distribution rights at Sundance this year in one of the biggest deals ever. Guess they weren’t exactly sold on the title, though — and that’s a good thing, because I would expect something called Clubland to be about circuit boys.

Introducing the Dwights starts July 4 (limited release; wider release July 13). Visit the official website for more.

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