This just in: Latifah sometimes stands near other people


Earlier today, posted a picture of Queen Latifah at Missy Elliott’s birthday party in the Hamptons. As usual, the photo was accompanied by thinly veiled aspersions. And even if they didn’t mean to suggest anything lesbianish (not likely), the commenters certainly ran with it. See what I mean at

Am I missing something here? Being in a picture with another woman makes you gay? You know what this means, don’t you? Darth Vader does terrible things to Muppets! And Ann Coulter is an alcoholic!

(Coulter photo is from a pro-life luncheon in 2004, and no, I’m not really saying she’s a drunk.)

Not that I don’t have my own suspicions where the Queen is concerned. But even I wouldn’t draw conclusions from that photo. Anyway, forget all that: Doesn’t partying in the Hamptons make you something less than supa dupa fly, Missy? I feel so disillusioned.

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