Danes and Pfeiffer in “Stardust”


I just came across some production stills from the movie Stardust, based on the Neil Gaiman book of the same name and starring Claire Danes, Sienna Miller and Michelle Pfeiffer. The movie premieres Aug. 10, and it looks stunning. (My dorky captions aren’t so stunning, but I tried!)

Pfeiffer: “Who, me?” AfterEllen.com: “Yes, you!”

“Sorry I’m home so late, honey. Oh, crap, am I that late?”

Claire, is that a unicorn, or are you just happy to see us?

“I curse thee with a permanent St. Patrick’s Day!”

When I blogged about this movie a while ago, I noted that Pfeiffer is looking Stevie-Nicks-a-rific, so allow me to belabor that point:

I’m just going to call that character Rhiannon, even though her name is Lamia. Anyway, look at Rhiannon’s crazy little goats!

I really enjoyed the book — I’m a Gaiman fan generally and have a little bit of a crush on him — so I have high hopes for the film. Speaking of men I like, Rupert Everett, Ian McKellen and Robert De Niro are also in this movie. Hmm. It’s suddenly sounding really gay. Except for the De Niro part, I mean. Not that he’d necessarily mind the implication; he seems cool like that.

Even if Stardust does well, don’t hope for a sequel. Gaiman doesn’t like those:

“I think I put up on my blog at one point a note about how, when they were talking about how we hadn’t really come up with a good tag for the poster, I suggested, ‘Stardust — it’s not a sequel to anything.’ Really, I would so much rather that it not being a sequel to anything remains that way. Could we do more films? Absolutely. Are there opportunities to spin-off in a dozen different directions? Sure. Would it be more fun to do something else that we haven’t done before? I think so. I’d rather do what Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright did. Instead of making Shaun of the Dead II, they made Hot Fuzz. That makes me aesthetically much happier, rather than doing the second one of something because the first one made money.” (ComicBookResources.com)

Visit the Stardust official site for more, including a game called “Crossing the Wall” that’s sort of fun and sort of crazy-making.

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