Win a date with Joss Whedon!


OK, so it’s not actually a date, but you can bid via eBay to have dinner with Joss Whedon at Comic-Con in San Diego on July 27. (The auction starts July 2, so don’t start throwing money at him just yet.)

What’s even better than dining with Joss, the man who brought us Buffy, Willow, Firefly and more quotable quotes than you can shake a stake at? (“Someone else’s loss is my chocolatey goodness!” "I’m a bloodsucking fiend! Look at my outfit!") One hundred percent of the proceeds from the auction benefit Equality Now, a charity organization that works to protect the rights of women around the world.

Here are the details:

Bid to win a place at quasi-celebrity Joss Whedon’s private dinner!  This Comic-Con weekend, Joss will take five winning bidders to a swank San Diego restaurant for drinks and dinner in a private room.  Three hours of intimate conversation, hilarious anecdotes and dark, awkwardly personal secrets.  (Not to mention a little swag.)  It’s a fan experience like no other, to benefit Equality Now.  Any subject you like is on the menu (not the actual menu; that’ll probably just have food).  For three hours, Joss gets to be your biggest fan.

This just goes to prove that Joss is seriously the best man on the planet. If only I had the dough to bid on this. Hey, maybe we can all pool our money together and send a representative of the lesbians!

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