Michelle Rodriguez says she’s normal


Michelle Rodriguez says she’s normal — not normal as it’s defined in the real world, mind you. She’s Hollywood-normal.

The Lost star was recently captured on video by paparazzi as she was leaving the L.A. celebspot Teddy’s. The “reporters” followed her and her silent, butchy sidekick to their car, asking burning questions such as what she was drinking that night. Answer: “Water, tonic water, orange juice, ya know, all that good stuff that comes naturally out of the ground.” So that’s where orange juice comes from.


Turning the corner with strobing camera flashes lighting her way, she then joked, “I’m down with the Save Paris Foundation.” A diligent reporter asked for clarification, “Free Paris or save Paris?” Michelle answered, “Whatever.” Heh.

“All the Hollywood cats are locked up or in rehab,” smirked the star of the upcoming film Battle in Seattle, concluding, “I’m normal.” And when she says “normal,” she’s not referring to being a law-abiding citizen who’s free to get lost in a parking garage, as she does in the video. She means she feels vindicated — at least that’s what it sounds like in a message she recently wrote to her fans.

In that message, she also claims being capriciously outed by Curve was uncool because of the potential damage that kind of loose talk could do to her career. Apparently, having assault charges and multiple DUIs is okay, as long as she has other celebrities to keep her company.

Michelle also takes Curve to task for some insufficient fact-checking: “By the way, I only got kicked out of five schools, not six.” I love this chick.

Anywho. Back to the ‘razzi video. At the end, Michelle says, “I’m just gonna shut up now … w w [sic] dot zip it dot com.” Too late.

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