Hilary Duff says hey to AfterEllen.com


In case you missed Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (and if you did, why did you? Read the column every week!), Hilary Duff‘s publicist recently sent us a really cool little video. It’s a shout-out to AfterEllen.com, and it’s also a clever way to promote Duff’s new single and video, “Stranger,” from her new album, Dignity.

Yes, the video is real — first of all, nobody at AfterEllen.com has the time or the inclination to fake something like this — and no, it probably doesn’t mean she’s a regular visitor to our beloved website. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

It does mean that she and her people have a great marketing strategy on their hands, not unlike Cyndi Lauper‘s efforts to promote the True Colors tour.

And, of course, it means we get to say, "She likes us! She really likes us!" — because we’re dorky and silly like that.

Here are some then-and-now pictures of Duff:

From Lizzie to Dignity in just a few prolific years:

Thanks for the video, Hilary! You’re the coolest.

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