Sara Ramirez milks it


Grey’s Anatomy actress Sara Ramirez is the latest celebrity to don a milk mustache. The curvaceous star’s new “got milk?” ad features the tagline “Great anatomy.” Right on! What a nice antidote to the bitter poison pill we had to swallow recently from those infuriating light yogurt ads. I’ve already switched my allegiances to cottage cheese.

Now, I’m no big milk drinker (lactose and I aren’t on speaking terms). Nor can I vouch for all the glowing health claims attributed to the white stuff. But you have to admire the persistence of this long-running campaign, which has been going strong since 1993. Over the years, these ads have featured an assortment of cool, kick-ass and questionable folks asking one of the most-repeated rhetorical questions of our time: “got milk?”

Some of the coolest (Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar, Dixie Chicks, Tracey Ullman):

Some of the most kick-ass (Florence Griffith Joyner, Gabriela Sabatini, Ziyi Zhang):

And some of the most questionable — these ads could be subtitled "Not so wholesome anymore" (Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins):

So, who are some of your favorite “got milk”-ers? And, more important, who has the cookies?

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