Hollywood Walk of Fame: Why don’t they just let us pick ’em next time?


A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: Does it still mean something? Maybe not — unless you don’t have one. It still seems to signify "making it" to a lot of people. And when I was a starstruck little kid, the Walk of Fame was the first thing I wanted to see in California. Well, that and some celebrity houses, particularly those belonging to Sandy Duncan, Carol Burnett and Barbra Streisand. And I wanted to track down Kristy McNichol and Maria from Sesame Street and ask them to go to the Universal Studios theme park with me. (What? I was 9!)

Anyway, the 2008 Walk of Fame inductees have been announced, and some AfterEllen.com favorites are on the list: Cate Blanchett, Angela Bassett and Susan St. James will all be honored. And even though I recently posted a picture of Bassett on this blog, I’m gonna take advantage of the opportunity to do so again. I’m having a little crush on her right now.

Other recipients include Christina Aguilera (not really an AfterEllen.com favorite at all) and the Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz. Yes, the Munchkins. All of them? Will they get one big star, or several eensy weensy stars? And will the star represent the Lullaby League or the Lollipop Guild? Will the star be made of yellow brick? And if you stand on the star, will your voice suddenly get all high-pitched and vibrato-filled? Sorry; I’ll stop.

Read the full list of star recipients here.

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