“Creature Comforts”: cockroaches and Gertrude Stein


It’s official: My favorite summer show is Creature Comforts. It’s hilarious and adorable and gives me hope for the human race — people are so much more likeable when their words are put in the mouths of claymated critters.

My favorite moments so far include the cow with the "birthmark" (a brand); the female panda bear who told the male panda bear to go f— himself (after he told her to wear a burka if she didn’t want to be ogled); pretty much anything with the stoner-couple-as-horses or the mother-and-daughter-as-pigs; and, of course, the cockroaches.

The cockroaches represent two old women, which I guess you could find offensive. But it’s also kind of endearing: These ladies are so tough, they’ll still be around after Armageddon — just them and the cockroaches.

It’s just silly, I know. But it made my week. And then today I discovered the "Eyeballs and Fishlips" production blog, in which you can see some of the human faces behind the creatures. Actually, I’m not sure that’s a good thing — it’s like finding out the Wizard of Oz is just a dyspeptic dude behind a curtain.

Creature Comforts airs Mondays on CBS at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

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