Paula Marshall gets nipped, tucked and killed


Paula Marshall, otherwise known as foxy lesbian daughter Regina on the great-but-canceled Out of Practice, will appear in four episodes of Nip/Tuck next season as Sean McNamara’s love interest. I can’t think of a bigger waste of her talent — not to mention her foxiness. And that’s definitely a step down in terms of costars, though almost anything would be after you’ve worked with Stockard Channing.

Marshall can also be seen in the upcoming film I Know Who Killed Me, which stars Lindsay Lohan and Julia Ormond and premieres July 27. What I don’t know is who killed your career, Paula. Did playing a lesbian doom you to a future of mediocre shockers?

I had forgotten that Marshall was also in Snoops — well, I don’t think I ever managed to catch an episode of that show. But this means she’s one of the lucky few who have worked with both Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly without actually being in Bound. Again, where did all that luck go?

Sarah recently shared a clip of Marshall and Rebecca Budig flirting with each other on Out of Practice. I think I’ll go watch that and some other Out of Practice clips and try to feel better about Paula’s career.