Go “Girlfriends”: Avril Lavigne and Lil Mama mix it up


Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” has to be the most maddeningly hum-along-able song of the year. That catty chorus will haunt you in your dreams only to taunt you as you brush your teeth the next morning. “Hey, hey. You, you. I don’t like your girlfriend. No way, no way…Nooooooooo!”

Now comes the inevitable remix. Because in this day and age, no purely pop confection can exist without an accompanying urbanized update for maximum street cred. Word. Avril’s remix comes courtesy Dr. Luke (mixologist) and Lil Mama (pint-sized rapper).

I’ll admit, I had no idea who Lil Mama was before I saw the video. I think this has to do with her being 17 and her previous single being “Lip Gloss.” Considering the No. 1 song on the Billboard Pop charts is “Umbrella,” I must be hopelessly out of touch, because clearly inanimate objects are HOT right now. From what little I know about Lil Mama, she seems alright — sorry, a’ight. She reminds me of a milder mix of Left Eye, Missy Elliott and Gwen Stefani during her Hollaback phase.

But let’s get back to the video. Avril is again all punk-via-Hot-Topiced out with her pink-rimmed hoodie and choreographed dance moves (which, clearly, she stole from Joey Ramone. Ahem). The video was featured on the Yahoo! front page yesterday with headlines sure to get every lesbian’s and 14-year-old boy’s attention: “Avril’s suga Mama” and the more subtle “Avril, Lil Mama are ‘Girlfriends.’” Then there are the lyrics. During Avril’s “Hey, hey”-refrain, Lil Mama chimes in helpfully with, “Be your girl, Lil Mama be your girlfriend.” Oh, really. Nothing like a whiff of lesbianism to move product. (Yes, I know Lil Mama references a “boyfriend” later on, but my selective hearing headphones work like a charm.)

Considering the source material, the remix is works pretty well. I mean, things could have been a whole lot worse. Avril could have sung in Chinese again.

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