Season 4 of “The 4400” (wow, that’s a lot of fours)


The new season of The 4400 starts Sunday, June 17 on USA (9/8c). I liked the first season a lot, but haven’t tuned in regularly since then. Still, I like what I’ve read about the new season so far; the "battle over promicin" (a neurotransmitter harvested from the 4400) is intriguing, and USA has really gone all out with the accompanying ad campaign. They’ve even created a pro-promicin site, an anti-promicin site and one for the undecideds among us.

Even if you’re not into sci fi, you might want to tune in just to see Megalyn Echikunwoke, Summer Glau and — wait for it — Karina Lombard. Hi, Marina!

To catch up, you can watch the season 3 finale on the official website. The site also offers character backstories, timelines, an episode guide, blogs and message boards. I’m not going to read creepy Maia’s diary, though. Eek.

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