Joss Stone speaks, and probably wishes she hadn’t


I used to think tabloids were sort of fun. When I had a particularly bad trip to the dentist at age 8, my mom bought me a copy of the National Enquirer and the 45 of Barbra Streisand’s “The Main Event” and I promptly forgot my pain. (Yeah, I’m sure that was mostly thanks to Barbra, not the gossip rag.)

But now I pretty much loathe tabloids and tabloid-y stories. Case in point: Here are some recent headlines from various gossip sites, covering some offhand remarks British soul singer Joss Stone made this week:

“Joss Stone Says She May Turn Lesbian”

“Joss Stone’s Lesbian Plans”

“Joss Stone Considers Going Lesbian”

“Spurned Joss Stone Considers Lesbianism”

As far as I can tell, Joss was joking. She was lamenting the fact that a recent boyfriend sold a story to the tabloids, and then she added, “I think I’ll have to turn lesbian. Every girl my age wants to be in a relationship. I haven’t had one in two years and look how that ended. I only wish I had something to tell the gossip columnists.” Clearly they decided she did have something to tell them.

Let’s consider the possibilities here: (1) It was a (bad) joke; (2) Joss is trying to come out and is planting a seed to see how people react; (3) Joss honestly believes that it’s possible for a person to “go gay.”

I don’t know her at all, obviously, but I think she’s smarter than option 3. And option 2 isn’t exactly a brilliant move either. So I’m going to give the tabloids a big fat “duh” for this one and dismiss it as a meaningless, and thoughtless, attempt to be funny.

I’m sure Joss wishes the press would focus on her current tour rather than her throwaway comments. She plays Fort Lauderdale tomorrow and has dates scheduled through October — visit her official website for details. And hey, if you do see her live, I guess you might as well help her with her so-called problem, either by asking her out or by fending off the paparazzi.

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