The CW hides “Hidden Palms”


Am I the only person who’s been watching the new teen mystery/drama Hidden Palms? Apparently so, from the CW’s decision to burn off several episodes at once so they can air the season (and no doubt, series) finale on July 4th. You know it’s bad when they’re airing the finale on a national holiday.

I don’t understand why this show wasn’t a hit. Sure, it’s a vapid parade of shiny, pretty people, but so is One Tree Hill, and that show’s been on the air forever. Palms at least has a mystery to solve. Besides how many different ways Peyton, Brooke and Lucas can fight and become friends again, I mean.

Plus there’s romance! Cute girls! Kevin Williamson! And did I mention the cute girls?

I mean really, what’s not to like?

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