Kelly Clarkson rocks my world


I have always liked Kelly Clarkson. She is my favorite American Idol winner to date, thanks to her big voice, spunky attitude and everygirl charm. Plus, who doesn’t love singing along to “Miss Independent” in the car?

As the cover girl on this month’s Elle, the tiny Texan dons a suit and opens up about her embattled new album, her guarded personal life and her unvarnished take on the industry. After finishing the whole thing, my only thought was, “Rock on, sister friend!”

The singer of killer breakup songs confessed that she has never been in love: “I love my friends and my family. But I have never said the words ‘I love you’ to anyone in a romantic relationship. Ever.” Wow, kind of makes you feel sorry for her three past boyfriends mentioned in the article.

With her new album “My December” coming out later this month, Kelly quickly cuts through the BS surrounding its release: “I’ve sold more than 15 million records worldwide, and still nobody listens to what I have to say. Because I’m 25 and a woman … I am a good singer, so I can’t possibly be a good writer. Women can’t possibly be good at two things. I haven’t lost my temper about it. It only drives me more. If your thing is to bring me down, cool. I’ll just work harder.”‘

Oh, and it only gets better. Kelly talks about her return to the American Idol stage for the charity fundraiser “Idol Gives Back,” where she sang Patty Griffin’s “Up to the Mountain.”

“My label wanted me to sing ‘Never Again.’ And I was like, to promote yourself on a charity event is beyond crass. People are starving and dying and I’m up there singing some bitter pop song? And believe me, everyone wanted me to sing it. Because they are jaded and they have no soul. Imagine sitting in a room full of people totally against you. Can’t they hear themselves speaking? Capitalize on AIDS? Are you kidding? Insulting an entire nation of people? I just refused.”

I’ve officially upgraded my like to love. And just when you thought she couldn’t be any cooler, she goes and cements her status as the perfect antidote to all the BritneyLindsayParises of the world.

A short list of things Clarkson doesn’t want:

A clothing line.

A fragrance with her name on the bottle.

A television show.

A movie role.

A toy dog in a leather jacket.

Like I said, rock on.

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