Amelie Mauresmo’s injury leaves the French wide Open


Amelie Mauresmo, Wimbledon Champion and No. 98 on the Hot 100 list is out of the French Open with a groin injury. I know, I was devastated too, until I found out that we could leave her get well wishes on her website. I don’t know if we can compete, however, with, “If my life was a flower, you would be it’s scent,” left by a fan named hajika.

She also has a list on the site called “My Favorite Things.” The lesbian tennis heartthrob likes surfing, drinks hot chocolate for breakfast, listens to all kinds of music and hates liars. Lesbians, you are all the same. There is no mention or photo of any girlfriend-type on there, so what I want is a “Win a Date With Amelie” contest on the site.

Sponsors, are you listening? It would be very cool. Nestle could sponsor the contest, and then provide the hot chocolate if the date lasted all the way to breakfast. Forget the rose ceremony; I want my hot chocolate.

Moving on, we still have some great tennis to watch on Saturday.

Ana Ivanovic

who just beat Maria Sharapova

faces two-time French Open champion Justine Henin in the finals.

You shouldn’t have to watch it alone, since I just gave you a brilliant pickup line to use tonight. “Hey, so, the French Open is on tomorrow morning. Why don’t you come over, and we can watch it together?”

I marvel that I am single. And you thought Martina was the only one who could pick up women using tennis.

Navratilova, who has won the French Open a few times herself, has been commentating with John McEnroe during the French Open, which has been great fun. I love bold, brash people like these two. Martina also has her own blog for the French Open.

The pick? I’m betting on Ivanovic …

I love the underdog.

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