Let’s just declare today Kathy Griffin day


Tonight on Bravo, Kathy Griffin‘s new special Everybody Can Suck It premieres (9:00 p.m. ET). And right after that, it’s time for a new season of My Life on the D-List.. But wait, there’s more! All day, Bravo’s running a D-List marathon. If you watch this much Kathy Griffin in one day, you will turn into a giant red-headed ball of snark.

What’s more, you can watch all of Everybody Can Suck It on the Bravo site if you get bored today. And there are even bonus clips, with titles like "Military Rules" and "Ambien Blackout." Sounds promising. I just hope something like this happens again:

Griffin recently answered a couple of burning questions in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times:

Are you losing sleep over Paris going to prison?

I’m actually worried in a very opposite way. What if Paris becomes the bad girl in prison? What if she goes on a crazy stabbing rampage or she’s the one that the other prisoners are afraid of in the shower. It is a hard time because Paris and I are such close friends. I’m still trying to organize an intervention. I said, “Paris, I’m looking out for you in the way that Bill O’Reilly is looking out for all of our best interests.” I care. It’s my crime.

Let’s talk about the new season of “D-List.” You have to cope with your father’s death.

I call that episode “A Very Special Blossom.” This season is very funny, but I also deal with the fact that after my divorce my dad passed away. It was really difficult, but I’m glad the show got to show how special my dad was. Luckily, he’s still in it for a bit this season. The show is also seriously funny this season. I host the gay porn awards and perform in a prison. I go on a D-List date with Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. He did pay for dinner. Oh, I also go to a chili cook-off. I’m not kidding. This season is action-packed.

I think that’s the first time I’ve chuckled at a Paris Hilton joke in … well, ever.

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