More “Heroes” than you can shake a super stick at


Dania Ramirez, most recently seen on The Sopranos as A.J.’s girlfriend Blanca, is joining the cast of Heroes.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, her character’s powers are “being kept under wraps.” That’s always a good idea with superpowers. (Actually, my own superpower — clandestine tidying — is difficult to unwrap even when you want to do so.)

This summary of upcoming Heroes cast changes cracks me up:

Maya (Ramirez) is one of four to five new characters expected to be added to “Heroes” next season, but her character might be the only regular one. The other roles, most of which are said to have international flavor, include a sexy boyfriend for Claire (Hayden Panettiere), a 28-year-old black mother, a surrogate for Niki’s (Ali Larter) son and an Irish mobster.

“International flavor.” OK, but how about a little gay flavor? We’re keeping our hopes up for that gay cheerleader, even though it’s probably foolish to do so.

Meanwhile, if you don’t like Dania’s Soprano-seducing look, how about her fierce X-Men persona? Here she is as Callisto:

Yeah, there are definitely some superpowers in there somewhere.

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