Two Monday comforts: “Creatures” and Julia Louis-Dreyfus


Isn’t it weird when things you’ve loved for years suddenly make it big? It’s usually kind of bittersweet — it makes you want to say, "I was there first. You can’t have her, people! I knew all the words to ‘Similar Features’ before you had even heard her name!” Uh, yeah.

Anyway, one of my favorite animated shows ever is finally coming to primetime TV in the U.S.: Creature Comforts, created by the brilliant minds who brought us Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. It premieres Monday on CBS at 8:00.

But wait: It’s actually an Americanized version. Hmm. I was sorta hoping to just enjoy the originals all over again, but maybe this will work too. It’s sort of the same idea as those "Fun With Real Audio" cartoons on Saturday Night Live: Real interviews with "average people" serve as the scripts for some adorable and funny critters.

For me, though, the accents were half the fun, so something might get lost in translation.

On a completely unrelated note, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the guest on Inside the Actors Studio on Monday night (Bravo, 8:00). I can’t claim to have discovered her early, but I do adore her. She’s got thirty-six expressions — sweet as pie to tough as leather!

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