“Big Brother” becomes “Big Sister”


Series 8 of the U.K. reality show Big Brother has begun, with a twist: An all-girl house. The Daily Mail sums it up (or maybe hypes it up) thusly:

“The housemates looked horrified as it slowly dawned that they had entered a man-free zone. But Big Brother is rumoured to be introducing a hunky male contestant on Friday.”

The female contestants include a 60-year-old (the oldest contestant ever) and a "bisexual political protester." Well, duh. I mean, redundant much? How many protesters do you know who aren’t political? (Ha ha, gotcha.)

So, yeah, a "hunky male" arrives tomorrow. I get that this show courts controversy in an effort to boost ratings, but what’s the idea here? A crossover with The Bachelor? Or just soft porn? It’s reminding me of that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You know the one.

Here are a few photos of the contestants as they arrived at the Big Brother house this week:

Nicky and Shabnam — Nicky says men are "nasty little creatures," so she’ll be just fine.

Carole and Lara. Yep, Carole is the bisexual political protestor. She said, "I am gonna shake [the house] something rotten." Great, that’ll stop the war!

Identical twins Sam and Amanda. When Carole met them, she said, "Oh, this is going to be fun."

Will Carole become the next Shilpa Shetty or the next Jade Goody? Will the twins re-enact The Parent Trap? Channel 4 is trying to keep things above board this time: "House rules have been updated to warn against bullying and to make clear that it is unacceptable to make offensive remarks on the grounds of race, religion or sexuality." OK, those of you on fairer shores who actually get to watch this: Keep us posted!

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