A lesbian joins the cast of “Heroes”


According to TV Squad, Season 2 of NBC's Heroes will include a lesbian cheerleader named April. As AfterElton.com noted, it's good to see that despite being de-gayed last year, Heroes is game to try again. We don't have additional info on who will play April the Gay Cheerleader (and the second season doesn't start shooting till mid-June), but we're always happy to speculate! Here are some of my top picks for the actress best suited to play gay on Heroes:

Mandy Musgrave, because if the rumors are true, she's not gonna be so gay on South of Nowhere next season so she might as well fulfill her fans' dreams on Heroes:

Missy Peregrym, who was just so dykey in Stick It: [OK, so I admit I stopped watching Heroes about halfway through the first season, before Missy joined the cast (as a kind reader pointed out below in the comments). But I still think she should play April the Gay Cheerleader! They can just recast whoever she's playing now. Come on!]

And my favorite: Eliza Dushku. (Yeah, I know she's probably too old to play a teenager now, so what?) Here she is in the best cheerleader movie ever, Bring It On:

Who would you cast as April the Gay Cheerleader?

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