EW’s sci-fi fans insist that “Buffy” is sci-fi!


Earlier this month, Entertainment Weekly published its list of the top 25 science fiction films and TV series, and then it invited readers to tell them which shows/movies they missed. Apparently EW received over 1,200 comments via email and online comments (you weighed in on your faves on AfterEllen.com, too), and in the June 1 issue of Entertainment Weekly the readers’ top 10 omissions are listed (including Stargate, Dune, Farscape and Babylon 5), along with EW‘s explanations for why they weren’t selected. Here are some highlights from the new list:

4. EW says The Fifth Element didn’t make it because “in the end, it’s a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. A being of pure love is needed to save the universe? Come on.” I gotta say, I kind of agree with EW. The movie, in my opinion, was really pretty and had lots of interesting ideas … until the ending came and it all fizzled out on wave of ridiculousness. Besides, I think EW‘s readers mostly voted for The Fifth Element based on Milla Jovovich‘s unique Band-Aid costume:

5. Why did EW not include Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Well, “Buffy is a work of gothic fantasy, replete with demons and witches and mummies and werewolves and magically hot lesbians.” I’m trying to find some way to disagree with EW here, or maybe just some excuse to repeat “magically hot lesbians,” but I can’t come up with anything. Hey, what about Season 4, when the Initiative was sorta sci-fi? Oh yeah, that season sucked.

6. EW admits that Gattaca is pretty good, and if the original list had room for one more it might have made it. I agree, if only because it stars Uma Thurman and two extremely lesbianish men, Ethan Hawke and Jude Law. So, so pretty.

7. Readers apparently believe that Dark City is better than The Matrix, but EW bows to an undeniable truth: “despite our love for Jennifer Connelly, Carrie-Anne Moss‘ swaggering latex cool had us at hello.” Uh, yeah.