Cate Blanchett going bad to the bone for Indy 4?


Cate Blanchett, bad girl? If you can believe the rumors swirling around her role in the new Indiana Jones IV film, then yes, and — might I add — rowwwr.

The latest news on the yet-untitled Indy 4 project is that Cate will not play Dr. Jones’ love interest, as some expected, but will instead be the film’s main villain. Wow, if this is true, that is some inspired casting.

Cate is one of this era’s greatest cinematic chameleons. Already, she has played the Virgin Queen, an elf queen, a New Jersey housewife and Katharine Hepburn, just to name few. But a bona fide baddie — I think that is new. I can’t wait to see her take on a big budget big bad. I’m willing to bet that evil will have never looked more delicious.

The reports say that Indy will be fighting Russians agents this time around. I just hope that this means that Cate gets to wear a uniform at some point in the film. ‘Cause, uh, yeah: damn.

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