Hi, I’m Jessica Alba and I drool


Ugh. I’m not sure what annoys me most about this poster.

Is it the fact that the ice cream cone dripping all over Jessica Alba’s hand is the least subtle phallic symbol since middle-aged men began buying red, shiny sports cars; the fact that it’s part of a trio of groan-worthy posters (seriously, groan) for her new film Good Luck Chuck; or the fact that it is one in a strange series of pictures taken of the actress recently where she is either dripping or splattered with some form of liquid and/or edible substances?

To the latter, I ask, yeah, what’s up with that? Better yet, don’t answer. I know it must get boring for those photographers, having to shoot young, supple, toned actress after young, supple, toned actress. So, why not spice up a photo shoot by covering her in, say, ice cream or bubble gum or bottled water. Also, I think she should be drooling the water. Like I said, ugh.

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