Drew Barrymore and the bitchin’, totally tubular ’80s


If you remember Members Only jackets, big hair and the musical stylings of the Cars, A Flock of Seagulls, and Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, you’ll appreciate this. Drew Barrymore threw friend and production partner Nancy Juvonen an ’80s-themed birthday party at her house last week.

Sounds like it was more fun than a can of Diet Coke and a mouthful of Pop Rocks.

Guests were treated to prom-style photos upon their arrival. Here, Courtney Love shows off her prom finery, complete with the most important accessory: a date in a powder-blue tux and white bucks.

Jimmy Fallon, Ricki Lake, and D-Lister Kathy Griffin were among the guests who were treated to a loop of the Molly Ringwald classic Sixteen Candles, plus lots of ’80s hair band music.

The decade that brought us The Cosby Show, parachute pants, Care Bears and the aforementioned hair bands also gave us a whole new wave of girl bands, some of which broke new ground by actually playing their own instruments. Here’s an abbreviated list of some of my favorites of the time:

The Go-Go’s

Only later did we learn of the debauchery these girls were engaging in while on tour. My heroes.


Try getting the song “Venus” out of your head. Just try.

Laura Branigan

The hottest power singer of the decade, Branigan’s hit “Gloria” was played ad nauseam in every gay club in America.

Cyndi Lauper

Baby-faced and glammed out, the future was so bright, she had to wear shades.


The former Alvin Ailey dancer and original Material Girl had teenage girls all over the globe wearing lace tank tops, fishnet and crosses. Take that, Britney.

And for no reason whatsoever, here’s Kristy McNichol sporting some ’80s hair.

Feel free to add your own rich memories of great 80s girl singers and bands. Juice Newton, anyone?

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