Diana Nyad is still going the distance


AfterElton.com recently did a story on "gay newsmen." Gay female correspondents do exist too, but they are more likely to do “one shots,” covering an event or a few events in a series.

Diana Nyad, the celebrated long-distance swimmer, has done a lot of high-profile broadcasting. I see her these days at awards shows — she hosted both the Billies and the Women’s Sports Foundation dinner.

Both times I have seen her talk, her focus was on her 102.5-mile swim from the Bahamas to Florida. She is pretty damn funny, reenacting parts of her swim on stage.

For an interesting take on sports news that’s totally different from your average newscast, check out Nyad’s weekly show on KCRW, The Score, on which she has covered everything from the recent doping scandal in cycling to boxing, dog sledding, tennis and climbing. She is also the sports correspondent for NPR’s Marketplace and a host for Savvy Traveler.

Before that, Nyad was the Senior Correspondent for Fox Sports News from 1996–2001, and was the anchor for ABC’s Wide World of Sports from 1980–1988.

She’s come a long way since 1974, when, at age 24, she became the first person to cross Lake Ontario from north to south in 18 hours and 20 minutes. And that was merely one of her many amazing feats.

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