A Mighty Break: Angelina Jolie will take a year off for her family


Angelina Jolie, that wild child turned mother-of-the-world, went to Cannes to promote her new film, A Mighty Heart, and revealed to reporters that she is planning on taking a year off from acting. She will take her break, probably beginning in 2008, to spend time with her partner Brad Pitt and their international brood.

“I’m working this summer. I’m in Prague for a few months, then I take two months off, then I work for two months. And then I take a year off.”

To which I say, good for her. I mean, why not? Angelina is a very talented actress, no doubt, with the shiny naked hardware to prove it. Sure, her movies of late haven’t exactly burned up the box office. Either they’ve failed to lived up to their potential (think The Good Shepherd) or were flat-out bad (think Alexander, or, better yet, don’t).

But I am intrigued by her latest film, a retelling of the horrific kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl as seen through the eyes of his pregnant wife, Mariane Pearl (played by Angelina). As difficult as this might be to watch, I feel compelled to see it as a reminder that behind every headline there are beating, and sometimes breaking, hearts.

But regardless of the project, it’s clear that Angelina’s true passion lies in both her family and her humanitarian work. She is that Hollywood rarity, a staggering beauty in a high-profile relationship who would rather spend her time with her children and/or in developing nations than on some tropical beach, courtside at professional basketball games or in the VIP room of (insert trendy nightclub du jour here).

“I don’t want to live inside a box. I will be smart, but I will lead a very bold life, and I will learn about the world.”

I admire her life choices for many reasons, including but not limited to her decision to do that naked scene in Gia. The rich, powerful and endlessly attractive don’t have to live lives of curiosity or concern for those outside their bubble, let alone their hemisphere. Sure, we’d all like to think that if we had that much money and fame, we’d all turn into goodwill ambassadors for the United Nations and jet around the world visiting refugee camps and orphanages. But, really, I think I’d log quite a few hours on that tropical island. Well, at least at first.

Plus, maybe in this year off Angie will get a chance to sit down for some nice, home-cooked meals. Lord knows, the woman could use a hearty lasagna dinner and a couple baskets full of bread. Carbs are your friend. Without them, you won’t have the energy to your cross-continental do-goodery. But an article in today’s Washington Post might shine some light on her is-that-your-collarbone-or-are-you-just-happy-to-see-me appearance of late. Apparently, saving the world and cooking breakfast are mutually exclusive skills.

“I’ll say to Brad I’d like to make us some eggs,” she said, “and he says don’t.”

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