Marriage is driving Alicia Silverstone insane


Alicia Silverstone‘s new favorite hobby is opening her fridge. No, she hasn’t become a binge eater — she’s just gone a little loopy since becoming (ugh) a housewife. Marriage to a man will do that to you, I guess.

In a recent interview with Britain’s OK! magazine, the star of Clueless gushed, “One of my favorite things to do with my husband is open up the refrigerator … I’ll take everything out of the refrigerator while he turns on the basketball game or the football game or whatever game is on. And I start organizing what needs to be eaten first.”

Stars live very different lives from you and me.

With no big hit since forever and looks that don’t last indefinitely, you’d think Alicia’s time would be better spent pursuing acting jobs, not cataloging her crisper. Call me crazy.

And what, by the way, is her definition of with? I suppose her husband, musician Christopher Jarecki, also does the laundry “with” her by going out for a beer while she sorts the colors from the whites. What a guy.

Wasn’t there a rumor for five seconds that Alicia might be a little gay? Maybe I dreamt that. Or maybe it was that Aerosmith video, where she commits multiple acts of DWH (Driving While Hot) and cavorts tantalizingly in a photo booth and at a strip club with Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv. Now that’s the Alicia I know and love — not this weirdo housewife she’s become.

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