“On the Lot” with Carrie Fisher


Tonight is the premiere of On the Lot (9/8c), the new Fox reality show in which wannabe filmmakers compete for a development deal. It’s produced by Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg, which makes it interesting enough. Even better? Carrie Fisher is one of the judges.

I can’t imagine anything better than weekly doses of Fisher’s acerbic wit — especially because some of her verbal barbs are likely to be well-deserved. I mean, this show must attract some pretentious types. We’ll get to see 50 of them this week, as the semifinalists are subjected to "Hollywood Boot Camp" in two audition rounds (tonight and Thursday). The “auditioning” takes the form of pitch meetings and shooting under time pressure. Not half as scary as singing in front of Simon Cowell.

Speaking of Cowell, Fisher told Entertainment Weekly that judging isn’t easy:

“I had to do Simon Cowell–ish things. It’s awful. I’m going to have to go back into therapy."

Good — that always makes for good novels (and later film adaptations).

Garry Marshall is also one of the On the Lot judges. I’m sure he and Fisher will enjoy some banter and reminiscing. And he can tell Fisher what it was like to be a guestbian on The L Word; no doubt she’ll want to try it too. (I can dream.)

The other judges are Brett Ratner (Rush Hour 3) and Jon Avnet (Fried Green Tomatoes) — quite a lesbian-ish panel overall. The official website doesn’t have much info about the contestants yet, though the press release does include brief summaries. Nearly all of them seem to have quite a bit of filmmaking experience already. Real directors on On the Lot, professional singers on American Idol and actors on Survivor — what’s next? Actual stars on Dancing With the Stars?

In related news, Carrie Fisher will join the cast of Weeds when season three begins August 13. Fisher will play a divorce lawyer retained by Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins). Awesome!

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