Let’s all do the Cannes-Cannes


The Cannes Film Festival always has that special je ne sais quoi mix of glamorous and loopy that makes it a perfect spot for red carpet watching. You never know if you’ll get Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie dressed like old-school movie stars or Bai Ling dressed like an extra from Spring Break Shark Attack.

And, really, that delicious dichotomy is a big part of its appeal. Here are some other fun lessons I’ve learned from the past week’s snapshots from the south of France:

Two great reasons to brush up on my French.

Good things really do come in threes.

Not sure what to wear on the red carpet? Just grab a suit jacket,

preferably white, and — voilà! — instant hotness.

Listen, I understand that you don’t want your seatmates stealing your armrest, but there are more subtle ways of making that point. They get it, they’ll control their arms. Sheesh.

When exactly did Daryl Hannah become Jennifer Coolidge?

And does anyone else feel the sudden urge to train her dog, so to speak?

Helen Mirren — be still my heart. In my mind, this kiss is just for me.

What, you’re still here? How rude.

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