Even TMZ knows Diane Keaton is hot


TMZ.com isn’t exactly known for appreciating older women (or women, period), but over the weekend its minions posted a gallery of stars who are "aged to perfection." It’s pretty cool; in fact, it looks like the sort of thing we’d do here at AfterEllen.com. I can only assume there’s some sort of weird astrological phenomenon at work. Rather than worry about that, I’ll just gaze at the stunning photos — here’s a sampling:

Diane Keaton

Angela Bassett (with hubby/date cut out by TMZ, ha ha)

Jane Fonda

Olivia Newton-John

(The gallery also includes a couple of men, so if you go to the TMZ site to view it, don’t be confused by the thumbnails. At first I thought the thumbnail of Sting was a weirdly squashed picture of Joan Jett.)